We Are Business Builders

Founded in 2001, ML Partners is an investment and management firm focused on the middle market. We have a proven track record in building successful, profitable, and high growth companies. Our team has a deep understanding of what can and should be achieved in complex and evolving industries including tech, healthcare, and finance.

Operating Philosophy

We are passionate about working with our portfolio companies to develop and execute growth plans.

We have built the infrastructure and expertise to turn new ideas into market-ready businesses, or bring current businesses to the top of their fields. We pinpoint the critical issues affecting growth, and then drive long-term prosperity.

Meet Our Team

Leonard Lewkowict Partner
Isaac Mimran Partner
Rob Hockenstein General Manager
Kim Bursey Director of Frontline Operations
Kim Heilpern Marketing Director
Melissa Flynn Head of Workflow and Systems
Stephan Blair, CPA, CMA Corporate Controller
Emmanuel Mimran Financial Analyst / Project Manager
Shamimara Khanam Administrative Analyst

We Build Relationships

Our Approach

ML Partners is committed to building high quality businesses in partnership with talented owner operators. Our reputation and success is powered by experience, commitment and entrepreneurship.

We are fearless about reinventing the business model to adapt to changing circumstances. We invest time, money and expertise into transforming the strategy, operations and finances of the select businesses with which we partner.

What We’ve Built

Hub 67 is a developer and owner of exclusive intellectual property in the areas of software, customer service, marketing and transaction processing. Together, these functions form a platform that allows us to rapidly launch new product lines, scale up existing ones, and operate across markets, products and business verticals.
Wellspring provides specialized healthcare products, services and customer engagement platforms. Our competitive advantage is derived, in part, from the system integration platform provided by Hub 67. The result is optimized transaction processing and a superior customer experience for patients, providers, and vendors.
Fortus’ mission is to be a strategic partner for healthcare service providers. We believe that collecting, managing, and analyzing the right information is the best way to successfully operate and grow operations. Our dynamic business platform equips companies to manipulate data in a way that optimizes their workflows, improves productivity and engagement, and turns the company into a data-driven business. Our automated billing service offers real-time reporting in the areas of operations, industry intelligence, and payer policy and allows our clients to quickly adapt to changing market trends.
Argentum is a provider of niche merchant processing services. Argentum enjoys a preferred arrangement with global providers of online and mobile payment processing solutions. We are continually developing innovative services to help consumers and companies facilitate their business operations worldwide.

We Do it Differently

Our entire team supports our existing verticals and new ventures
We’re a team of builders
Entrepreneurs. Engineers. Sales experts. Accountants. Our team has the deep expertise and real world experience to guide forward-thinking companies to their strategic goals.
We partner for growth & financial return
This clear objective keeps us 100% focused on the success of our portfolio companies.
We’re hands on
We work side by side with our partners in every facet of operations to yield the best possible results.
We build relationships
We believe that forging a true connection with your partners is one of the forgotten keys to success.
We’re guided by our values
We value integrity, honesty and dedication to putting the interests of the business and its customers and other stakeholders above all else.

We Partner at Any Stage

Brand New Companies
We love hearing big ideas, and we work with new partners to bring those ideas to fruition in a realistic time frame.
Continuing Development
There is no better time to gain momentum than once you already have it. Our team works with your company to make sure that every single spoke of your business is being explored and utilized to its fullest potential.
Established Companies
We are experts at identifying opportunities to take companies to the next level and into a position of long-term prosperity.


A relationship with ML Partners begins with a conversation.
To inquire about our services or to obtain an assessment of your commercialization and investment opportunities, please contact us at anytime.
Main Office:
Telephone: (514) 875-0785
Fax: (514) 221-2161
Email: info@mlpartners.com
We’re always looking for talented professionals to join our team.
Please submit your inquiry and/or resume to: opportunities@mlpartners.com